Architecture is a very personal business.  The majority of your life is spent at your home and in your office.  Your environment makes you happy, energetic, creative and secure.  Your home or office is the largest purchase you make in your lifetime.  Architecture is more than a drawing on paper or a stamp from the building department.

Unfortunately, everyone has heard the remodeling horror story.  Can your relationship survive a remodel?  Careful planning and budgeting will smooth out the project and make it exciting.

My name is Jeff Pierce, and I am a licensed architect in Arizona and California in practice for over 25 years. I provide the following services:

  • Custom Home Design
  • Home Remodels and Additions
  • Office Building Design, Remodels and Additions
  • Tenant Improvements requiring building permits
  • Building Supervision
  • Site plans, Track Homes or Large Office Projects

I have a great relationship with the Building Department and can help you with projects that were not approved with the original drawings.  I work with excellent Consultants, and I will help you with the bidding and pricing of your project.

No project is too small or too large.